Thoughts from our valued customers about our products & services.....

We want to thank you for another good experience at Gibson's. We got our 46" Panasonic TV home & set up on Saturday and it is working great! You truly do make us - and the friends & family that we have sent in to see you - feel like family and make it so easy to do business with you. We also very much appreciate the "top notch & friendly" service we get from the service dept if & when we need it. Thank you so much.
-Mr & Mrs. Dorsch

My wife and I recently worked with Gibson's to purchase and install a Sonos system along with a Sharp LCD and Blu-Ray player. After the amazing service we received, I felt compelled to let you know that our salesperson and your install crew did a spectacular job of managing our expectations. We ran into a couple of install challenges after I gave the crew some incorrect wire locations. They took the challenges in stride and never made me feel like I inconvenienced them. I own five dealerships and know how important customer service is to the success of a business. We try to ask our customers what the likelihood is that they will recommend us to their friends, family and acquaintences. Well, I can say that we have and will continue to recommend Gibson's. Thanks a lot for the job well done. Oh, I almost forgot, the product is unbelievable (no I am not exaggerating)! We look forward to doing more business in the future.
-Mr. Dueck

We would like to thank you personally for steering us towards purchases with which we are extremely satisfied, and more specifically, to express our gratitude for the superior aftercare that we received from our salesperson. In assisting us with the delivery, installation, and set-up of these purchases, he exceeded all reasonable expectations. His knowledge of the products, his willingness to go the extra mile in terms of pricing, of customer service at installation time, and his commitment to customer satisfaction in 'aftercare', is truly commendable in him, and a tribute to the manner in which Gibson's chooses to do business. Your performance alone will ensure that, not only will we continue to bring our future business to GIbson's, but also that we will continue to laud your products and service to our family members and friends. This is the way businesses should be run! Thank you,
- Mr & Mrs Joyce, Waterloo, Ontario

Your genuine interest in our needs, your knowledge and professional attitude made our purchase of the Panasonic Plasma TV and accompanying components an exciting and, above all, a pleasurable experience. We are very satisfied with the performance of the system and know that we can depend on Gibson's should we ever encounter problems. We most certainly will give Gibson Sound & Vision our first consideration in future purchases.
-Mr & Mrs VanderVelden, Waterloo, Ontario

Buying a TV is not a simple thing to do anymore. The days of looking for the best picture and buy the set are very long gone. With HD, 1080i, 1080p, LCD vs plasma, etc, many of us find it very confusing. We were extremely pleased with the level of knowledge and support we received from Gibson's. Our set was 'finetuned' in a way we would never have been able to, and the finer details of our system was shown to us. Having your input in our home regarding the best purchases for our needs was invaluable, we won't hesitate to call again. The in home service, is a wonderful idea that many people will take advantage of, you won't get that from any "box" store. We will certainly continue to send people to Gibson's.
-Mr. & Mrs. Fraser, Waterloo, Ontario

My wife and I recently purchased a 37" plasma TV from your store. The main reason for choosing Gibson's was because of your support in our son's minor hockey team. However, your staff, through their great service, confirmed to us that we had made the right cnoice! Thank you for your community support and for your great service!

We just didn't understand the whole difference between LCD vs Plasma VS DLP. You answered all our questions in a language we could understand and more importantly took into consideration our family's needs and room size allowing us to make an informed purchase. We can't say enough about your delivery and set up team. They were on time as promised and even called to say that they were on the way. What you promote in your advertising is really motivated us to deal with the Gibson family. If you can get the products that you want at big box store prices, with delivery and set up included, and a service department that is local and will make 'house calls', why would you buy anywhere else?
- Yost Family, Waterloo, Ontario

Without a doubt, you live up to your advertising, and service is a major part of your business and follow up. In all honesty, there are very few occasions where we have enjoyed the level of support from a retail outlet that you have demonstrated. We will continue to purchase from Gibson's in the future and thank you for the attention and time you dedicated to us.
-Mr. Mercer

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in assisting my wife and I in selectin our TV. Your efforts went well beyond what anyone would expect from a retailer. We will be recommending you highly to our friends, and hopefully will be able to send some further business your way.
-Mr. Mattes, Waterloo, Ontario

Thanks for the reminder e-mail. I just got back into town, and as it turns out, Sony did in fact mail a new MP3 player directly to my house. Thanks again very much for all of your help, you were amazing to work with and left a great impression on how Gibson's treats its customers in difficult situations.

The audio & TV package you put together for us is terrific. To back it up, the service you provided was outstanding. Visiting our home and helping us fine tune our home entertainment center, was sincerely appreciated. We expect to get many years of enjoyment from our new system!
-Mr. & Mrs. Syms, Kitchener, Ontario

Thank you for the wonderful service. The installer did a great job and we're enjoying our new TV very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
- Mr & Mrs Leishman

Special thanks for doing a super job on my TV which now enables me to use my laptop on my TV for business presentations as well as attending webinars and other interesting programs via the internet. This was a very important and deciding feature for me.
-Ms. Pokluda, Kitchener, Ontario