Angstrom LoudSpeakers Suono 600 SD

Suono 600 SD

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The Suono 600SD Loudspeakers seamlessly integrates the centre channel output into the left and right loudspeakers in a home theatre configuration. The effect is a STEREOPHONIC CENTRE CHANNEL optimized with offset side firing tweeters together with the left and right channel loudspeakers. The drivers are positioned to ensure a true spatial effect providing articulate voicing with a panoramic sound stage. Sound is both diffused and defined, delivering an astonishing home theatre experience.  Angstrom’s innovative design eliminates the need for a separate centre channel loudspeaker, offering a nocompromise solution to the problem of placing and installing the centre channel loudspeaker.

Product Features:

•  Tuned MDF enclosure available in attractive black, silver or white finish.

•  Speakers mount securely in minutes - no special 

     tools required.

•   Sensitivity: 87dB/ W        

•  Impedance: 6 ohms   

•  Power Handling: 120W

•  Crossover: pcb mounted, first order

•  Frequency Response: 55Hz - 20KHz within 3dB

•  Dimensions (inches) 34" H x 7" W x 3" D 

•  Dimensions (metric/ cm) 86.3 H x 17.0 W x 

    7.4 D

•  Weight (lbs): 17.6 each

•  Weight (kg):  8 kg each

Versatile Mounting System 

Suono speakers mount easily and securely to the wall with our two-piece mounting system.

Top quality drivers and tweeters

Suono products employ Angstrom's hand-selected 4.5" woofers and 1" soft dome tweeters to assure years of smooth listening pleasure. These drivers are perfectly matched by Angstrom's internal proprietary crossover.

Suono Series On Wall Loudspeakers

  • Our On-Wall speakers offer the perfect solution to the incredible popularity of Plasma and LCD video displays. Designed to compliment shallow, flat panel video products, the Suono Series, with it's cosmetic features and styling, excellent performance and ease of installation, is one of the best options to improve the sound and performance of your home theater surround sound system.
  • In many homes the presence of conventional loudspeakers is often obtrusive and disruptive to interior design objectives. The introduction of free-standing speakers and the need for them to be positioned for optimum performance is often a conflict with interior design planning. 
  • Our Suono Series is a complete range of thin profile loudspeakers designed to deliver the fine performance of free-standing loudspeakers while blending harmoniously into a wide range of interior designs. Suono Loudspeakers are equally comfortable producing high-performance Stereo, Home Theatre or background music applications. Suono speakers are available in three sizes for specific applications with various size flat panel video displays. A fourth model, the Suono 100SD, is designed primarily as a rear or side channel loudspeaker. 

Construction & Finish: 

The Suono Series loudspeaker cabinets are crafted from Medium Density Fiberboard, widely recognized as the best acoustic material for building speaker cabinets.  The cabinets are covered with acoustically transparent cloth which offers excellent acoustic properties and contemporary styling. The Suono Series feature twin mid/bass drive units for higher power handling and increased acoustic output. Suono loudspeakers all come with built-in brackets for easy wall mounting and free-standing plinths are also available for all models.

Versatile Design & Finishes: 

The Suono Speakers can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or on attractive optional plinths. All models are available in white, grey/ silver and white/ cream finishes. The Suono Loudspeakers can be matched with any of our low frequency transducers (subwoofers) where an extended bass performance is required for Stereo or Home Theatre applications.  


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