Angstrom LoudSpeakers Ambienti In-Ceiling speakers AV-8.15 LCRS

AV-8.15 LCRS

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Technology & Design

Unique Driver Design

  • All Ambienti Series Loudspeakers feature Angstrom's extraordinary driver technology utilizing Vectran, the latest liquid crystal polymer material used by NASA. Our thermo plastic dust cap extends the low end frequency response and increases control of the woofer.

High-Performance Crossover Design

  • Angstrom's top quality crossover design with glass epoxy boards and poly capacitors delivers award winning sonic performance. Like all Angstrom Loudspeakers, the Ambienti Loudspeakers are internally wired with Atmos-Air Cable from Germany (see below)

Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeters

  • All Ambienti loudspeakers feature pivoting soft dome tweeters for optimum high frequency performance. Soft Dome tweeters help produce a smoother, less harsh output than many other In-Wall tweeter designs.

Internally wired with Atmos-Air Loudpeaker Cable

  • No other In-Wall loudspeaker product uses such a high grade loudspeaker cable, ensuring optimal signal transfer. We use Atmos-Air, a unique high quality speaker cable from Gemany. 

Contour Switches

  • Ambienti Loudspeakers include contour switches that adjust +/- 3db to compensate for loudspeaker positions and room characteristics.

Mounting & Assembly Hardware

  • Ambienti In-Wall Loudspeakers feature a full perimeter clamp mounting system which integrates the speaker into the wall, reduces any loudspeaker resonance and residual vibration. Accessories include paint-able mesh grills, dampening pads and a grill removal tool.

Additional Features Include: 

  • Butyl rubber surrounds offer performance and durability.
  • Ribbed Baffles on In-Wall models                               
  • Polly switch overdrive protection       
  • IR Knockouts on In-Wall products   

Product Details and Performance Specifications

  • No other speaker company packs more "real" features into their loudspeakers. We avoid all the gimmicks and deliver pure high-fidelity performance. Take a look at the following features that result in one of the best performing In-Wall/ In-Ceiling loudspeaker product lines any price! 

Driver & Tweeter Details

  • Ambienti LCRS Loudspeakers feature a special foam insert to absorb reflecting sound that can distort output to the listener. 
  • Ambienti Speakers feature pivoting soft-dome tweeters, which are proven to deliver warm, smooth output that won't fatigue your ears. The pivoting feature enables you to aim more directionally sensitive high frequencies to your desired location.  
  • All Ambienti Loudspeakers feature Angstrom's extraordinary driver technology utilizing Vectran.

15 Degree Angle Design

  • Ambienti LCRS Speakers are designed within a special housing places the driver at a 15 degree 
  • angle to the ceiling upon install. The benefit is a speaker that offers greater placement options and yet more direction control. Installation of the Ambienti LCRS Speakers is quick and secure using heavy-duty 'dog-ears'.

Cross-Over Details - High-Tech Innovation

  • To the trained eye, a view into the internal structure of the Ambienti speakers reveal cutting-edge technology at work. Every component and feature on the unique crossover is carefully selected, designed and tuned to deliver Angstrom's Award-Winning audio performance. 
  • Our Gold-Plated terminals are spring-loaded and designed for large capacity (up to 12 gauge) cable. 
  • We employ the best quality polypropylene capacitors that optimize their finely tuned cross-over network. All components are secured to the glass epoxy board using the best adhesives that ensure a lifetime of optimum performance. 
  • All Ambienti Speakers are internally wired using Atmos Air speaker cable. Angstrom's extensive laboratory testing revealed this cable enhanced the dynamic accuracy of the speakers when compared to many other cables. 

Product Features & Specifications

  • In-Ceiling two way loudspeaker with 8" Vectran Driver.
  • Pivoting soft dome tweeter produced with Teteron.
  • Power handling: 50/120 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz -21KHz
  • Sensitivity: 91dB 1W/1M
  • Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Contour Switches for mid and low frequency room adjustment.
  • Includes fine mesh grill in white and masking kit for re-painting.
  • Overall dimensions: 12.875" Round
  • Cut-out dimensions: 11.5" Round x 5.75" Deep

Additional Features Include:

  • Butyl rubber surrounds offer performance and durability
  • Polly switch overdrive protection


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