Restaurants and Bars

Audio & Video Installations

Are you looking for high fidelity entertainment for your customers? Are you looking to remain adaptable to the ever- changing world of technology? Look no further. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team can equip you with the tools for anything as simple as a menu screen to a full multi-screen system broadcasting the big game.  

We can install all the appropriate wires from the ground up as you are building your new business. We can also help to update or retro-fit your existing space. For the smaller fixes, we can integrate your pre-made graphics into your network allowing display of daily specials, your menu or upcoming events. If you require something bigger, we can mount TV’s, video walls and even projectors for added advertising or entertainment for your customers. Each screen can function individually with a cable box mounted close by or remotely powered by one of our custom-built utility racks. Rack systems enable you to use an internet signal to project video across multiple screens from a single video source. Any of our high-powered network solutions would also allow you to use a universal remote system, touch screen interfaces in conjunction with your chosen video signal.  

We've worked with many local Restaurants and Pubs including: