About the Website

The website was updated in February 2020 and was a complete re-design from the previous version. We’re very happy with the design, layout and functionality of the website.

Website Design and Structure

The website was built on top of a content management system called WordPress. This has given us administrative control over the website with the option to make content changes as needed to any page, as well as the slider and menu. The website we created with a visual builder called Elementor, which allows for easy editing of content, with no knowledge of coding required.

We have various forms on the website including a integration with our newsletter service. A repair service request form which sends directly to our service department and a general contact form.

We have a slider on the frontpage where we periodically post sales or other marketing material.

Table of Contents

The fonts, color scheme and layout were chosen to be clean, modern and spacious. The web designer, Alex Leuschner, used a dark header and footer to ensure the content on the white background captured attention.

The use of icons, images, galleries and videos throughout breakup the text content. Image galleries use a LightBox to allow for expanding the image and scrolling through the gallery, whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Each page has a hero image with a large, catchy title and sub-title. Titles, dividers and whitespace are used throughout to break up content and sections, making for better reading and a more attractive design/layout. In some cases full-width images or background colors are used from edge-to-edge to separate a page section.

Call-to-action, also known as CTAs are used throughout to guide an interested customer to a form or contact page.

The address, hours, social media and contact information is immediately available at the top of the header.

Search Engine Optimization

The website uses a variety of SEO techniques and tools to ensure the content and page structure are well understood by search engines.

Page Titles, Descriptions, and H Tags (content Titles)

Every page has a well-defined page title and description which appears in search engine results. This ensures search results look proper and communicate the right content for that page or service.

The page title and description are pieces of content that are defined in the background specifically for search engines like Google.

Titles that appear throughout the content are properly structured and given a hierarchy. This provides context for search engines as well as dictates importance of the section.

Titles are well-written and communicate what their section is about.

XML Sitemap and URLs

The site uses an XML sitemap which provides Google and other search engines with a list of all pages as well as when they were last updated. This ensure that search engines can index every page on the site. Importantly, non-pages are removed so that specific parts of the content management system are not indexed.

Clean URLs are utilized which offer additional context for the pages.

Responsive Design

A responsive design was implemented by Alex Leuschner which ensures the website formats appropriately if a mobile or smaller screen device is used. The website was designed for a computer screen and then modified to shrink down to a tablet or mobile form factor as needed.

Speed & Caching

The website utilizes a host of speed improvement techniques, such as caching, CSS and JS deferral, lazy-loading of images and more. These improve the speed at which the website loads so that the time-to-first-interaction is under 1 second and the full page loads in under 2 seconds.  This is an extremely good performance report and is important to Google and SEO ranking.


The website tracks many types of analytics to provide a accurate measurement of visitors to each page. This helps us on a month-to-month basis with marketing decisions and focuses on where improvements are required.

Analytics are as specific as visitors by city, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, etc.

  • How long a visitor stays on the page or website
  • Does a visitor view more than one page before leaving the website
  • What device were they using
  • How many repeat visitors

Website Hosting & Security

The website is hosted and managed by a local web designer, Alex Leuschner. Amazon Web Services is used for hosting the website files and database. Daily backups, and security scans are performed. Hosting is critical to ensuring the site remains live and available to visitors and loads quickly.

Local Website Designer

Alex Leuschner is a local web designer located in Waterloo. He primarily services small and medium businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, including Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas. Alex has built more then 170 websites for more than 60 clients. He is self-employed and develops website full-time.

Alex has worked on a wide variety of small and large websites including e-commerce, custom projects, service, portfolio and app-like sites.