Home Networks & Wi-Fi

Networking is the central nervous system of your entire home. While you can have individual pieces of equipment around your home, and may even have a complete home theatre with all of the equipment connected and controlled in one particular area, it is never truly a “smart” system without networking.

Once all of the connectable pieces are joined to a fast, strong, reliable network then they, and your home, can be truly effective and convenient. This is an essential building block of a “Smart Home”.

Have you ever uttered the words “Our WiFi sucks!” because you can’t get WiFi in the basement, in that one upstairs bedroom, or out in your backyard or by the pool? Especially in areas outside your home? We have solutions!

Let us make a (free) visit to your home to determine your needs and provide suggestions for a network  that will impress you, and anyone who visits your home.