Integrated Security in your Smart Home

Why pay a monitoring fee for your home security system if you and your family can already be reached directly 24 hours a day? 

With Control4 home automation our experts can set-up a ‘self-monitored’ security system for you, that can allow your home to send emails or push notifications to any or all family members or neighbours, whenever trouble is detected.  Door and window contact sensors, water leak detectors, and motion sensors, or just a few of the many devices that can be installed to notify you of a potential issue.  With that knowledge YOU can then decide how to proceed, instead of an alarm company calling out the cavalry for what might be a false alarm!

Security services that we can offer also include indoor and outdoor cameras, (including doorbell and covert cameras), as well as keyless entry door locks.  Imagine being able to receive a notification when a specific family member’s door code was used, so that you know they’re home safe and sound!

Home security systems will all notify you when there’s a problem, however deterring crime in the first place is always preferred. 

Control4 home automation systems allow us to set-up elaborately staged ‘scenes’ where your home’s lighting will turn on and off when you’re not there, in the same patterns they would be used if you were home, giving the appearance that someone is home at all times.  Some of our customers even want TVs and music to turn on when they’re not home, to further add to the illusion. 

If a problem is indeed detected, Control4 can even offer deterrents like turning on all of your inside and outside lights at full brightness, to attract the whole neighbourhood’s attention, and scare off any potential intruders.  We’ve even been known to set-up sounds to play through your home audio system, such as a loud dog barking or a homeowner yelling that they’re calling the police.  With those kind of deterrents no criminals will stick around too long!