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Audio & Video Installations

Are you seeking to enhance your bar or restaurant with state-of-the-art entertainment options for your patrons? Gibson’s Sound & Vision is here to meet your needs in this fast-evolving technological era. Our experienced and skilled team is equipped to provide solutions ranging from basic digital menu screens to sophisticated multi-screen systems perfect for broadcasting major events.

Whether you are launching a new business or looking to upgrade an existing venue, we offer comprehensive installation services. This includes expert wiring set-ups from scratch or retrofitting your current space to accommodate advanced technology. For simpler updates, we seamlessly integrate digital displays for showcasing daily specials, menus, or upcoming events.

For more extensive requirements, our services extend to installing TV screens, impressive video walls, and projectors to elevate your advertising and customer entertainment experience. Our installations are versatile, with each screen capable of independent operation or being powered from a central point using our custom-built utility racks. These rack systems utilize internet signals to distribute video content across multiple screens from a single source.

To complement our network solutions, we offer user-friendly controls like universal remotes or touchscreen interfaces, ensuring effortless management of your video systems. Choose Gibson’s Sound & Vision for cutting-edge solutions that will transform the way your customers engage with your venue.

We've worked with many local Restaurants and Pubs including: