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Transform your entertainment areas
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Home Theatre, Mounted TVs & Custom Installations

Want the Home Entertainment System of your dreams?

Our Custom Design Division can make it a reality no matter what your dreams may be. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, we can work with you to find the best solution for your system.

At Gibson Sound & Vision we take pride in our CEDIA Certified Custom Installation Technicians. This means that all of the work we do meets industry standards and building codes.

Our in-home consultation allows you to get the best for your home without having to second guess your decision. We’ll send a representative to your home and work with you to see what would work best for your home. Each Gibson customer is unique and we understand that what’s best for one might not be best for all. This allows you to get the best system designed uniquely for your home.

For more information or to make an appointment for our free, no obligation in-home consultation

Home Theatres

Picture this: you want to unwind after a long day. You put in your favorite movie and take a seat in your luxurious theater chair. You pick up your Control4 universal remote, and at the touch of a button the room comes alive. Thanks to Control4 automation, the lights dim, and the air conditioning shuts off to provide optimal sound quality. The shades automatically descend to block ambient light, almost by magic. Then you press play and the action begins. The sound is deep, immersive and dynamic. The picture is lush and captivating. You lose yourself in the experience, and notice things in the movie that you haven’t before, even though you’ve seen it a thousand times. Suddenly, the credits role, and it dawns on you the emotional weight and thrill of the experience you have just witnessed. You start to look forward to your little hideaway each day, and even get excited about the next big sports event. You keep an eye on new Netflix releases, and start to invite your friends over for viewing parties. You even consider firing up that old gaming console just to see how it feels in the new favorite part of your home.

These are the experiences we create at Gibson Sound & Vision every single day.

From fully customized dedicated theater rooms, to simple updates in multipurpose entertaining spaces, and everything in between, we have the knowledge and experience to make your dreams a reality. Say Goodbye to unsightly wires and difficult to understand systems. Adios to poor quality picture and sound that you don’t deserve. Sayonara to fumbling with what feels like a hundred remotes just so you can watch Game of Thrones in peace.

At Gibson’s, we make things easy so you can enjoy the experience again. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and realize the potential of home entertainment!!!

We want to thank you for another good experience at Gibson's. We got our 46" Panasonic TV home & set up on Saturday and it is working great! You truly do make us - and the friends & family that we have sent in to see you - feel like family and make it so easy to do business with you. We also very much appreciate the "top notch & friendly" service we get from the service dept if & when we need it. Thank you so much.
Mr & Mrs. Dorsch

Mounted TVs

One or the most requested installations is a mounted television. This hides all wires and improves the look of your room while adding an element of entertainment without taking up more space.

We can hide your equipment too! Over the years we’ve worked in hundreds of spaces and found unique and interesting ways to ensure your equipment and cables are not in sight.

A mounted TV is a vast improvement over standing it on a table. Contact us to visit you at your home for a free in-home consultation. We can offer you a great solution for improving your entertainment spaces.